Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteer Hour Tracking - Summary

Thank you for all the work you do in the Southwest Corridor Park! Here is a summary of the information entered so far. The first chart shows hours by month. The second provides a listing of entries, including the map location, hours, date and description or comments.

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633.5 hours tracked so far in 2019

633.5 total volunteer hours

Volunteers worked in more than 15 different garden locations in the Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteer garden stewards work on their own throughout the week and also groups of volunteers work on the approximately 10 volunteer days we have held so far this year.

Volunteers work either on their own; or in small groups; or in larger groups, with up to 26 volunteers working on our largest volunteer day.

On our volunteer days, 154 leaf/compost bags have been filled.

Volunteer Hours - By Group Size (working alone; in a group of 2-4; in a group of 5 or more)

Working alone 247.5 hours
5 or more people 295 hours
2-4 people 91 hours

Details - by Location and Garden

DateMap Area #Name of AreaHoursComments/DescriptionBags (optional info)Number of people in group
5-20-201918S Braddock Hill4 hoursplanted up at Braddock hill and roses at Uppermost Follen Swale.  1
5-19-201914A Durham Swale12.5 hourscleaned up Durham, planted Lilies on Durham Hill 4
5-18-2019SE 25 hoursWe Dug out Lilies at durham and replanted them at durham Hill and Rutland4 bags12
5-16-201901 Mass Ave Garden0.5 hoursWeeding 1
5-15-2019SE 68 hoursAm Group of Master Gardeners (4) planted Hosta etc at Canton, other flowers at Upper Braddock. Seadar group moved mulch at Canton and Greenwich and Karols, moved Lily of the Valley from Durham to Rutland. Found 4 needles. 12 bags26
5-8-20192F Jackson Square Playground Garden4 hoursTwo adults and five children - planted peas, borage and nasturtium. 7
5-8-201927 West Canton Green5 hoursPlanted watered and moved soil onto canton bed 3
5-4-2019SE 12.5 hoursPlanted Thistle, Willow sticks, Hyssop and Mum, dug up and moved 15 hostas from tot Lot corner, mulched at Harcourt, Canton, more Tibetan flags at upper Braddock. Found 2 Morel Mushrooms.  4
4-27-2019All 62 hoursWorked mostly at Claremont park. Mulched, removed Goat Weed, put int the path, pruned back the Holly, planted alyssum10 bags20
4-25-2019SE 10 hoursMet w Pat over Park Serve Day, planted Mums at tennis court, Coshosh in Holyoke circle, moved out 2 Acanthus Mollis and moved them to Upper Braddock, next to Euonymous and Castanea.  1
4-22-201902 Rose Garden1 hoursTransplanted an old burning bush not in good shape from another part of corridor into hedge where one had died. Transplanted 3 wild spirea from the dogwood area into spirea hedge. Pruned dogwoods lower and some at base for visibility into garden. Tried to cut out spirea growing within the dogwood.  1
4-21-2019SE 6 hoursWe moved and planted perennials the entire park.  3
4-21-201902 Rose Garden2.5 hoursMoved Japanese iris to each side of grass entrance. Cut down tall Grasses from last year and raked. Planted 4 roses, 2 replacing those stepped on by regular visitors while the ground is wet so they walk in the flower beds. Hybrid yellow tea rose “peace” 4-5 ft nearcorner of wrought iron fence and circle. In front of it Floribundas red rose “intrigue” grows 2 1/2 feet. Where the Japanese iris where on the right side of circle planted Floribundas red rose “Trumpeter” grows 2 1/2 ft. Between the first two evergreens neaxt to grass planted Floribunda yellow w pink “Sunflare” grows 2 1/2 feet1 bags1
4-20-201902 Rose Garden2 hoursOverseeded grass with drought tolerant kentucky bluegrass and fescues and raked it in.  1
4-20-201902 Rose Garden18 hoursGreat group, willing to work in pouring rain. Rain stopped before work started and only sprinkled a few times. Manually aerated grass area with pitch forks and raked the thatch out of the grass. Dug a trough along hill flower bed to stop water runoff to lawn. Also did some weeding and removal of grass from the flower beds. 6 bags8
4-19-201927 West Canton Green20 hoursWe planted at Canton and across from tot lot, tied up the Cedrus, planted Ilex, moved soil, built the fence, and cleaned out canton. 10 bags18
4-18-201927 West Canton Green25 hoursWE planted the Cedrus atlanticus with DCR, the Dogwood, the shrubs at Canton, removed yard waste, reset cobblestones, removed dead material, Lots of work 35 bags18
4-16-2019All 12 hoursWe went to Cavicchio and to Garden in the woods for plant material for the park 3
4-12-201918S Braddock Hill2 hoursCleaned up and weeded upper Braddock. 10 bags2
4-11-201905A Potting Garden0.5 hoursRaking out garden before Marathon weekend 1
4-11-201901 Mass Ave Garden0.5 hoursRaking out garden before Marathon weekend 1
4-10-201902 Rose Garden2 hoursRaked and bagged entry to Rose Garden. 4 bags1
4-9-2019SE 4 hoursFinished applying mulch to second half of flower beds in front of Carleton Court Dog Park 1
4-7-201918S Braddock Hill6 hoursRaked and mulched at lower Braddock. Tracy and Josephine came by to name the Chestnut. 6 bags2
4-6-2019SE 5 hoursCleaned out Tot Lot, harcourt storage area, planted willow sticks, cleaned out Greenwich. 4 bags2
4-2-201918S Braddock Hill5 hoursPlanned the planting at Canton, cleaned up and mulched Lower Braddock4 bags2
4-2-2019SE 18 hoursRepainted and replaced 2 green benches in Carleton Court Dog Park, and 1 bench in Carleton kids blue playground. 1
4-1-2019SE 3 hoursApplied mulch to first half of flower bed next to Carleton Court Dog Park 1
4-1-2019All 24 hoursedit of previous posting 1
4-1-2019All 2 hoursWe met with Jen Kettel and walked the park learning about best practices. Then Ed and I spent an hour staring fundraising envelopes. A cold 42 degrees.  12
3-30-201902 Rose Garden1.5 hoursTrimmed big rose bush and cut out dead wood, trimmed other rose bushes along metal fence.  1
3-29-201902 Rose Garden2 hoursTrimmed Rose bushes to top of hill 1
3-28-201902 Rose Garden5 hoursRaked under maple, circle and a bit into the beds. Trimmed some rose bushes. 9 bags1
3-27-2019All 6 hoursWe went to Cavicchio and spaced out dogwoods, Cedrus atlantic`s and others.  1
3-26-2019SE 18 hoursWe raked leaves and put up fencing all at Follen and Braddock. 24 bags7
3-23-2019SE 20 hoursCleaned up at Harcourt, Canine Vista and Canton Green. Removed Ivy, leaves and trash, reset fence, dug out and moved an Arborvitae. 8 bags10
3-21-2019SE 3 hoursCleared leaves/debris in the flowerbeds next to the Carleton Court Dog Park.  1
3-20-201924 Carleton Sidewalk2 hours 1
3-19-201921 Carleton Path5 hours 1
3-18-2019SE 9 hoursWe cleaned out Foster bed, set out "keep Off" signs, started the rope fencing at Follen and Braddock.  3
3-18-2019SE 3 hours 1
3-16-2019All 5 hoursPruned at Blackwood, went to Home Depot in Somerville and bought stakes etc.  1
3-13-2019SE 8 hours 1
3-13-2019All 8 hoursPurchased storage bin at Home depot, talked about the park plans for the Park Serve day. Picked up bin at Home Depot.  1
3-11-2019All 2 hoursVandalism and theft at Harcourt. Tools stolen, cart stolen. Spoke with Pat. Dropped off Browne Fund Application. etc etc.  1
3-1-2019All 6 hoursPaypal work, Trip to Arnold to look at Acer griseum, 2 hrs pruning and laminating, 2 hours review of Browne Fund application for Durham Oval 1
3-201921 Carleton Path30 hoursCleaned/raked up leaves in multiple flower gardens. Pruned/trimmed branches all around the South End/Carleton Court area. (Carleton Path, Canine Vista, Tot Lot, Holyoke Circle) 1
2-22-2019SE 2 hoursPruned at Canton, Durham 1
2-18-2019All 36 hoursWrote up application for funding from "Love your Block"  1
2-15-201914 Durham Oval4 hoursPlanning session, Durham Oval.  1
2-10-201905A Potting Garden2 hoursPruned at Cumberland, fixed fence at dog path.  1
2-5-2019SE 4 hoursGorgeous day in Boston. Cleaned up at Harcourt, Upper Braddock, Greenwich. Pruned, cleaned up. discussed pruning with Pat. 4 bags1
1-26-201916E Basketball Hill2 hoursA glorious cool sunny winter day. I rolled up soccer hoses at the Dog Park and pruned the rambling Juniper lower Basketball hill.1 bags1
1-15-201925 Canine Vista2 hoursCleaned out Foster Bed Area, met w Pat and Bob Doherty (Greenwich Pk) about pruning and replacement of lilacs at Greenwich.  1
1-14-2019SE 2 hoursMet with Pat, and then Ben park wide concerning 1. Adjusting fence in Foster Bed.2. Drains at Follen 3. Grinding pathways to adjust for settling of concrete 4. Planting a memorial tree at Durham, 5. Durham restoration. 6 Pruning at Greenwich. 7. Mulching park wide. 8. Northampton green issues from landscaping to repairing walkway at entry to T. 9. Aerating soil in the Spring 10. Park Serve day and painting the ironwork up at Mass Ave.  1
1-13-2019All 6 hoursPlanning for the year.  1
Total  633.5 hours 154 bags