Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteer Hour Tracking - Summary

Thank you for all the work you do in the Southwest Corridor Park! Here is a summary of the information entered so far. The first chart shows hours by month. The second provides a listing of entries, including the map location, hours, date and description or comments.

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110 hours tracked so far in 2017

110 total volunteer hours

Volunteers worked in more than 5 different garden locations in the Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteer garden stewards work on their own throughout the week and also groups of volunteers work on the approximately 1 volunteer days we have held so far this year.

Volunteers work either on their own; or in small groups; or in larger groups, with up to 17 volunteers working on our largest volunteer day.

On our volunteer days, 20 leaf/compost bags have been filled.

Volunteer Hours - By Group Size (working alone; in a group of 2-4; in a group of 5 or more)

Working alone 36 hours
5 or more people 74 hours

Details - by Location and Garden

DateMap Area #Name of AreaHoursComments/DescriptionBags (optional info)Number of people in group
4-18-20172F Jackson Square Playground Garden34 hoursTurned over new garden section and re-organized cobblestone garden path. Planted three rosebushes. Eight teens from BostonCares April vacation program plus six children from Bromley Heath RealKidz program plus three adults. 17
4-15-201718N Follen Swale10 hoursCleaned up at Follen and Braddock10 bags5
4-15-2017SE 27 hours 10
4-15-2017SE 3 hoursCleaned up and set stones and moved brush Sect 1.10 bags10
4-15-2017SE 12 hoursWeek of 4/9 to 4/14 1
4-15-201705A Potting Garden1 hoursPruning in potting garden. Magnolia and cherry are starting to bud and blossom. 1
4-8-201705A Potting Garden1 hoursAdding moss around stepping stones, moving some of the stones. 1
4-7-2017All 6 hoursto Cavicchio for bedding plants, planted lillies, to Home Depot for yard waste bags.  1
2-26-201705A Potting Garden2 hoursPlanned planting and restoration at Potting Garden etc. 1
2-26-2017SE 6 hoursPlanned planting and other projects for the season in section 1 1
1-7-201718N Follen Swale1 hoursPruned viburnum at Follen, laid down pine boughs at Blackwood 1
1-5-2017SE 7 hoursPruned, mulched trees with xmas tree boughs, planned for spring.  1
Total  110 hours 20 bags