Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteer Hour Tracking - Summary

Thank you for all the work you do in the Southwest Corridor Park! Here is a summary of the information entered so far.

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367 hours tracked so far in 2020

367 total volunteer hours

Volunteers worked in more than 11 different garden locations in the Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteer garden stewards work on their own throughout the week and also groups of volunteers work on the approximately 3 volunteer days we have held so far this year.

Volunteers work either on their own; or in small groups; or in larger groups, with up to 11 volunteers working on our largest volunteer day.

On our volunteer days, 92 leaf/compost bags have been filled.

Volunteer Hours - By Group Size (working alone; in a group of 2-4; in a group of 5 or more)

Working alone 248.5 hours
5 or more people 56 hours
2-4 people 62.5 hours

Details - by Location and Garden

DateMap Area #Name of AreaHoursComments/DescriptionBags (optional info)Number of people in group
4-2-2020 2 hoursRaked out Greenwich, planted Chives at Claremont Green, fixed stone walls.  1
4-1-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursMoved the holly bush to left side of entrance where Azaela used to be. Moved the small evergreen bush that was alone in dog area over to where holly was. Dig out some chives and garlic plants and gave to Franco.  1
3-31-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursRaked Mbta garden, straightened metal posts. reviewed bushes relocation w Franco.  1
3-31-2020 2 hoursUntangled rope, planted Carex, planted Burnet in Butterfly Meadow, put logs at Durham, talked with Mike about plants, tied up Parthenocyssus along fence line.  1
3-27-202002 Rose Garden5 hoursRyan raked lawn and put down grass seed. I transplanted 2 elephant hostas from entry to 6 along the burning bushes. Transplanted a rose bush to entry also. Trimmed dogwoods for sitel lines into garden area. 1 bags1
3-27-202002 Rose Garden5 hoursRyan raked lawn and put down grass seed. I transplanted 2 elephant hostas from entry to 6 along the burning bushes. Transplanted a rose bush to entry also. Trimmed dogwoods for sitel lines into garden area. 1 bags1
3-27-2020 4.5 hoursYesterday and today, continued install of stone wall at Claremont, fixed rope fences, untangled a mess of rope, worked on Power Point. Met with Lucia on the Round Window Garden.  1
3-27-20202F Jackson Square Playground Garden2 hoursPlanted cosmos and zinnia seeds in the children`s garden. Provided a "Garden Science Coloring Book" with some craft supplies to the breakfast & lunch program to give to children. 1
3-24-202008 Blackwood Green5.5 hoursvarious gardens7 bags1
3-22-2020 3.5 hoursMet with Lincoln. He is posting separately. WE cleaned out Canton Green and planted 3 junipers and 1 holly bush. 4 bags2
3-21-2020SE 10 hoursSAm showed up later as part of Boston Cares. No one else showed up. We spread compost, set up the little flower bed at Claremont and set stone. With Lincoln I set up fence in Durham Swale. Composted as well. 4 bags1
3-18-202002 Rose Garden5 hoursTransplanted 5 rose bushes. Mulched areas that had perennials at the time last year. Filled in mulch in other areas. Raked last area.  1
3-17-2020SE 3 hoursI weeded at Harcourt, then Anna and I installed fence posts at Durham Swale. As of today, it is recommended that we stay inside, but I may sneak out and spread compost. But, the park may be on its own till May.  2
3-15-2020SE 3 hoursPlanted Ginko across Mass Ave, Pruned at Durham and Blackwood 1
3-14-2020 2 hoursWith Scott, wo is logging in his hours separately, I cleaned out the Holyoke Bed and spread compost. The Pandemic is strengthening, but out gardening so far is OK. 4 bags1
3-14-2020SE 60 hoursCleaning leaves out of garden beds and working on grass. Used over 30 leaf bags in March alone.30 bags1
3-11-2020SE 5 hoursWe cleaned out Claremont Triangle, removed trash from Durham and Blackwood.  2
3-9-2020 9 hoursToday, march 9, we were at 70 degrees. We laid the stone path at Claremont Park.  4
3-6-2020SE 9 hoursA mixed Bag, 1 hour with Pat Driscoll, on park maintenance, 2 hours with Lorraine on Fundraising, then 6 hours cleaning up the park and running rope. I took down most of the support on the Glauca cypress.  4
3-5-202002 Rose Garden2 hours53 degrees, sunny, Transplanted 2 large rose bushes out of the area next to gravel path to along the tall fence blocking the alley. Bushes grow to 6 ft which was to talk next to path. Also transplanted 2 very small rose bushes. Rose bushes are budding and some beginning to leaf. A couple rose bushes kept a few living leaves through the winter.  1
3-4-2020 3 hoursI sent out emails to Lorraine, Jennifer, Northampton and DCR. Lincoln and I repaired fences along the back 40. Picked up 2 needles.  2
3-3-202002 Rose Garden2 hours63 degrees. Raked entry, maple, burning bush areas. Found 2 needles and 3-4 dog 🐶 💩 🙁 bought 4 packs of bags. Bumped into DCR Mike and he is going to drop more off. 8 bags1
2-25-202002 Rose Garden3 hoursRaked leaves on garden hillside 12 bags1
2-24-2020 2 hoursspread stepping stones at Claremont, Dug up a Rhus t from Holyoke Bed and planted it Upper Durham.  1
2-22-202004 Butterfly Garden20 hours10 bags10
2-18-2020 1.5 hoursMet with Pat concerning park. He will pick up stone edging from Landscape, will drop off compost when we want it. Tlaked about trees to be pruned or removed. Lilacs, dogwood, Birch. Then about the Grass at Durham and reseeding.  1
2-17-2020SE 4 hoursToday, 40 degrees and beautiful. We planted a Sourwood, Oxydendron arboreum at upper Durham Swale, and 2 Sumacs in pots in the Yard, along with Wintergreen. WE put together signs and put them in most of the way to Mass Ave.  2
2-12-2020 4 hoursPruned yews up and down park, found 4 needles, dug test holes in various locations for future tree placement, tied up Red Bud on Blackwood green. Measured Harcourt Reach. Gorgeous day in the 50`s and flies were buzzing in the Yard.  1
2-3-202001 Mass Ave Garden3 hoursToday we filled in a rat hole at Mass Ave Garden, spread Hay under Pine at upper Durham.  2
2-1-2020 3 hoursWe pruned roses and Yew, and removed invasive ivy. One needle. 4 yesterday4 bags2
2-2020SE 15 hours15 volunteer hours tracked in the last 5 days.  1
1-29-2020SE 30 hoursFundraising development and begin license application for Durham Oval Project  1
1-27-2020 4 hoursWe planned for plantings, installed fence at Holyoke Ramp and upper Braddock.  1
1-26-2020 6 hoursWith Nina, we proposed making revisions to the donation card, and discussed other means of fund raising for the park 3
1-25-2020 2 hoursPlanted an uprooted Rhody, Pruned yews at Grenwich hard. 2 bags1
1-19-2020All 22 hoursMLK Weekend volunteer day with the Northeaastern University ACES program. Worked on photos for the GIS-based maps for the website. 11
1-17-2020 6 hoursDurham Oval meeting with Karen the landscape architect, Peter from Woven Steel and Lorraine and I. Moving the project forward. We need to move first on the MBTA permit.  1
1-13-2020SE 14 hoursBoard Meeting at Lorraines.  7
1-13-202025 Canine Vista6 hoursWent with Scott tp Home Depot and purchased more cinder block. Then Lincoln and I built the flower bed at the Yard 3
1-10-2020SE 4 hoursWe went to Home Depot to get Cinder Block for the base of the seed bed and stakes and a ladder. 1
1-10-2020SE 5 hoursHigh 30`s. we pruned at Canton, Harcourt, Newton west, Greenwich raised bed. Viburnum, roses, Chestnut, Holly, Callicarpa, Rhodys yews and Larch.  2
1-2-2020 3 hoursToday we pruned the lilac at the Tennis Corner at end of W. Rutland Sq.  2
1-1-202010 Claremont Island2 hoursGeneral clean up of oval 1
1-1-2020 1 hoursCold but clear today. Spent an hour pruning the Cercis Red Bud on Blackwood Green. pruned a bit of the maples and Smoke Bush as well.  1
1-2020SE 60 hoursEstimated January volunteer hours. 5 bags1
Total  367 hours 92 bags