Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteer Hour Tracking - Summary

Thank you for all the work you do in the Southwest Corridor Park! Here is a summary of the information entered so far. The first chart shows hours by month. The second provides a listing of entries, including the map location, hours, date and description or comments.

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22 hours tracked so far in 2019

22 total volunteer hours

Volunteers worked in more than 6 different garden locations in the Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteer garden stewards work on their own throughout the week and also groups of volunteers work on the approximately 6 volunteer days we have held so far this year.

Volunteers work either on their own; or in small groups; or in larger groups, with up to 1 volunteers working on our largest volunteer day.

On our volunteer days, 5 leaf/compost bags have been filled.

Volunteer Hours - By Group Size (working alone; in a group of 2-4; in a group of 5 or more)

Working alone 22 hours

Details - by Location and Garden

DateMap Area #Name of AreaHoursComments/DescriptionBags (optional info)Number of people in group
2-15-201914 Durham Oval4 hoursPlanning session, Durham Oval.  1
2-10-201905A Potting Garden2 hoursPruned at Cumberland, fixed fence at dog path.  1
2-5-2019SE 4 hoursGorgeous day in Boston. Cleaned up at Harcourt, Upper Braddock, Greenwich. Pruned, cleaned up. discussed pruning with Pat. 4 bags1
1-26-201916E Basketball Hill2 hoursA glorious cool sunny winter day. I rolled up soccer hoses at the Dog Park and pruned the rambling Juniper lower Basketball hill.1 bags1
1-15-201925 Canine Vista2 hoursCleaned out Foster Bed Area, met w Pat and Bob Doherty (Greenwich Pk) about pruning and replacement of lilacs at Greenwich.  1
1-14-2019SE 2 hoursMet with Pat, and then Ben park wide concerning 1. Adjusting fence in Foster Bed.2. Drains at Follen 3. Grinding pathways to adjust for settling of concrete 4. Planting a memorial tree at Durham, 5. Durham restoration. 6 Pruning at Greenwich. 7. Mulching park wide. 8. Northampton green issues from landscaping to repairing walkway at entry to T. 9. Aerating soil in the Spring 10. Park Serve day and painting the ironwork up at Mass Ave.  1
1-13-2019All 6 hoursPlanning for the year.  1
Total  22 hours 5 bags