Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteer Hour Tracking - Summary

Thank you for all the work you do in the Southwest Corridor Park! Here is a summary of the information entered so far.

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1196.5 hours tracked so far in 2020

1196.5 total volunteer hours

Volunteers worked in more than 25 different garden locations in the Southwest Corridor Park

Volunteer garden stewards work on their own throughout the week and also groups of volunteers work on the approximately 5 volunteer days we have held so far this year.

Volunteers work either on their own; or in small groups; or in larger groups, with up to 11 volunteers working on our largest volunteer day.

On our volunteer days, 184 leaf/compost bags have been filled.

Volunteer Hours - By Group Size (working alone; in a group of 2-4; in a group of 5 or more)

Working alone 927 hours
5 or more people 83 hours
2-4 people 186.5 hours

Details - by Location and Garden

DateMap Area #Name of AreaHoursComments/DescriptionBags (optional info)Number of people in group
7-4-202026 Harcourt Corner9 hoursWe all weeded the Harcourt Reach.  4
7-3-202025 Canine Vista3 hoursMulch and weed1 bags1
7-1-2020 30 hoursRestoration of the Upper Wellington Bed with Tim Kang ,month of June 202010 bags1
7-1-2020SE 14 hoursOn 6/30 I pruned at Holyoke and mulched, then today spoke at length with Pat about Durham Oval, ran mulch, went with Wendy to purchase flowers for Upper Wellington, and planted and mulched at Harcourt. 2 bags1
6-27-202002 Rose Garden1.5 hoursWeeded lily of the valley section and under big maple circle. 1
6-27-202006 Wellington Terrace 7 hoursTim worked with Wendy Hamilton cleaning up and prepping the Wellington Upper Bed. Lots of needles and Day lillies. 10 bags1
6-26-2020SE 1 hoursWeeding and watering Claremont Street strip 1
6-26-2020 12 hoursWatering, repair of vandalism at the Butterfly extension, repair of hoses, planting, and watering all over. Very Dry. 2 bags2
6-26-2020 12 hoursWatering, repair of vandalism at the Butterfly extension, repair of hoses, planting, and watering all over. Very Dry. 2 bags2
6-26-2020SE 1 hoursMulching evergreens along Claremont Street 1
6-25-2020SE 1 hoursWeeding & watering along Claremont Street 1
6-24-2020SE 7 hoursMet with Althea, Jenn and Doug on inventory, worked various tasks with Lincoln. Watered Shopped mahoneys and Home Depot.  1
6-24-2020 1.5 hoursWeeding and watering beds and evergreens along Claremont Street. 1
6-21-2020SE 4 hoursexplored Meadow with Althea, and spread out soaker hoses for tim at Wellington.  1
6-21-2020SE 5 hoursDid inventory, planted at Harcourt, pruned at Braddock, watered along the park 1
6-20-202026 Harcourt Corner7 hoursPlanted sedum and catmint in Harcourt Reach, laid out soakers, Potted up Echinacea seedlings. Watered many areas.  3
6-19-202002 Rose Garden1 hoursAdjusted watering. Dead headed a few roses posted a sign next to Large Red Roses that all have been picked but one iover the last week. “Please take a pic (camera picture) but do not pick. Thank you” 1
6-19-2020All 1.5 hoursWeeding & watering raised bed at end of Claremont Park. Weeding along sidewalk between Claremont Park-Greenwich Park alley + azealia bed. 1
6-19-202026 Harcourt Corner9 hoursJuneteenth, I watered the park in 5 areas or so, Planted the butterfly weed and Alchemilla and Cleome and tickseed and watered the Harcourt Reach well. Cleaned Jerusalem Artichoke from Follen.  3
6-17-202002 Rose Garden1 hoursDead headed Roses and watered lawn and 3 tree area 1
6-16-2020 5 hoursmet with Wendy and tim chang at Upper Wellington, and Althea, watered, attended Pat as he fixed the water at Follen, and watered more. After lunch met Lynne Foster and got her weeding claremont green as I repaired irrigatio material everywhere. Watered Durham Green 5 hours.  1
6-16-202002 Rose Garden1.5 hoursWeeded under big maple circle 1
6-15-202002 Rose Garden3 hoursFinished transplanting tulips around the small Japanese maple in the whole pocket. It took all 150 of them. I really hope they come up next year. Moved the watering also.  1
6-15-202002 Rose Garden1 hoursWeeded under big maple circle 1
6-15-202010 Claremont Island3 hoursOval weed and water; 1
6-15-202002 Rose Garden3 hoursFinished transplanting tulips around the small Japanese maple in the whole pocket. It took all 150 of them. I really hope they come up next year. Moved the watering also.  1
6-15-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursRyan finished installing edging around the blue grasses to prevent them from spreading. Dug out the grasses that had spread.  1
6-14-20202F Jackson Square Playground Garden0.5 hoursWatering; added borage seedlings to end of garden and more squash seedlings to box. 1
6-14-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursWeeded under big maple circle.  1
6-13-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursTalked with Alex about being a volunteer in the Rose Garden tending to the Maple tree circle and the lily of the valley section. Later I continued transplanting tulips at the small Japanese maple. So far have put in 60. I think it will take the full 160 I have and look awesome! Really hope it works rather than drying and storing for the summer and planting in Oct / Nov.  1
6-13-20202F Jackson Square Playground Garden1.5 hoursWeeding, transplanted acorn squash plants. 1
6-12-2020 4 hoursweeding and tree mob class on ground covers 1
6-12-202002 Rose Garden4 hoursI started transplanting tulips from Hayes Park around the small Japanese maple at entrance. Have about 40 in and another 80 to go. Going to fill that pocket. Ryan trimmed the burning bushes, verbernum and raked and bagged it.  1
6-12-2020 3 hoursRemoved Stinging Nettle from Upper Wellington, planted in Harcourt Reach. Myrna planted flowers there as well.  1
6-11-202009 Claremont Inlet3 hoursweeding and dividing plants, needle cleanup 1
6-10-202025 Canine Vista2 hours1 bags1
6-10-2020 3 hourscleaning up trash, needles, feces and weeding Meadow and triangle 1
6-10-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursDug about 150 fuchsia tulips out of Hayes park to be planted in Rose Garden and Wellington terrace  1
6-10-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursRan sprinkler for grass and top roses and flowers. Started laying out soaker hoses and started entry and mbta w soaker hose.  1
6-10-2020 17 hoursCarla and Iwent to NPT and Russels in the Am to get Plants. We planted from 3 to 5 or so all at the Harcourt Reach.  6
6-9-202002 Rose Garden3 hoursWeeded the whole garden except the Maple tree circle. Tied up some daffodils.  1
6-9-202004 Butterfly Garden3 hoursweeding and pruning Claremont Cove and Meadow 1
6-9-2020SE 6.5 hoursDealt with homeless and drugs in the am, then 3-5:30 watering and office work . PMAC meeting for 2 hours. Shut water off at 8:30 pm 1
6-8-202002 Rose Garden3 hoursWeeded entry, and Rose hill along corridor sidewalk. Emailed w Jennifer in art and sculptures.  1
6-8-202002 Rose Garden3 hoursWeeded entry, and Rose hill along corridor sidewalk. Emailed w Jennifer in art and sculptures.  1
6-8-2020SE 1 hoursWeeding raised bed at end of Claremont Park 1
6-8-2020 6 hoursdivided and moved lillies and Tansy in the Claremont Triangle garden 2
6-8-2020 1 hoursWeeding under shurbs along sidewalk between Claremont Park & Greenwich Park. Watering myrtle in raised bed at the of Claremont Park. 1
6-7-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursNeighbor gave some more wild bleeding hearts that I added to her donation last fall that I planted under witch hazel. Transplanted clumps of wild violets to the rope line to create more of a natural barrier to flower beds.  1
6-7-202011 Round Window Lawn7 hoursI planted at Canton, Harcourt Reach and Holyoke Circle, then dug out and moved Peopnies from the Yard to RWG and planted NJ Tea and flowers at RWG. 1 bags2
6-5-2020 10 hoursWith Anna, we planted Leucothoe at Tennis Corner. With Myrna we palnted Cosmos and Tickseed, I planted grass, Joe Pye. Then with Kait planted squash and Canna at Harcourt. Worked with Lucia on the new Peonies to be moved into her area.  5
6-5-202006 Wellington Terrace 1 hoursCut 3 feet off the top and 2 feet off the front of rhododendrons at the end of Wellington st and Claremont st.  1
6-4-2020 10 hourswe all worked on planting at Harcourt. Watered at Durham and Follen and Holyoke4 bags4
6-4-202009 Claremont Inlet3 hoursweeding and watering 1
6-4-2020SE 1.5 hoursWeeding & watering Claremont to Greenwich Park strip 1
6-4-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursWatered Rose garden and Mbta pocket garden. 3 places w sprinkler for 2 hours each. 2 of 3 verbernum started wilting / stress 🙁. Should of watered a few days ago.  1
6-3-202010 Claremont Island2 hoursgeneral weeding, pruning in garden plot 1
6-3-2020 8 hoursToday I went to Cavicchio to buy the grasses for Harcourt Reach, then yakked with Pat and MIke about the restoration of water at the park. Later I worked with new volunteer Ben to install the grasses, set up soaker, work with Kim on Harcourt Reach.  2
6-3-202004 Butterfly Garden3 hoursplanted pycnathemum plesum, pycnathemum verticllcitem, sambucus candensis, thalictrum pubescens,weeding 1
6-2-202026 Harcourt Corner3 hoursPlanted the Tithonia and Zinnia at Harcourt.  1
6-2-202026 Harcourt Corner3 hoursMet w Pat about water break and repair, and dug out pipe area for DCR to repair. Today? we hope. Prepped a flower bed at Harcourt Reach. Untangled a Goldfinch stuck in a mesh fence in Claremont Garden with Lou Rizzo.  1
6-1-2020 3 hourswatered at Harcourt.  1
6-2020 38 hoursPlanting, watering, weeding in JP for month of June. Brick path laying at Anson St. Dodder soil replacement and remediation at New Minton Butterfly garden. 1
5-31-202018S Braddock Hill5 hoursweeded and planted at Upper Braddock, planted at Harcourt Reach.  1
5-29-202026 Harcourt Corner3 hoursPlanted at Harcourt.  1
5-28-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursTrimmed trees next to grass area 1
5-28-2020SE 5 hoursToday the water got turned on, I watered some flowers, then proceeded to blow out the Dog Park Coupler sending water 8 ft into the air. Later we planted and set up soaker hoses.  2
5-28-2020 3 hourswork on volunteer list and letters 1
5-27-202010 Claremont Island1 hoursadded support rings for peony plants, weeding 1
5-27-202013A Durham Green5 hoursset up irrigation, weeded, planted at Upper Durham, removed fence at Durham Green, watered Durham Green 1
5-27-2020 20 hoursPlanting, watering and weeding at Stony Brook 1
5-25-2020SE 40 hoursThis is a rough estimate of hours since May 15. I was out every day for about 5 hours. Worked with Anna, Elizabeth the painter, Lincoln, Elizabeth Murray, Bill Dean. Started Poison Ivy eradication at Newton west, planted, shopped at Native plant trust and Russos and Mahoneys. Started plantings at Harcourt Reach, set out irrigation at various locations, moved plants all around the park. Trained new Stewards6 bags1
5-23-2020 4 hoursDigging new path and vegetable garden, cutting knot weed 4
5-22-202015 W. Rutland Circle3 hoursPlanted native perennials purchased on Franco`s trip to the Native Plant Trust.  1
5-21-202026 Harcourt Corner3 hoursweeding, raking , weekly average1 bags1
5-21-202002 Rose Garden4 hoursHD run, 2 flats of white begonia with light green leaves. Planted them in the day lily flower bed.  1
5-20-202002 Rose Garden4 hoursWent to fedex and made laminated signs for the Rose Garden. Took down the fence protecting the grass and stored it in community garden. Went through all the flower beds and weeded. Still need to do Maple and open mulch area.  1
5-19-202023 Holyoke Half Moon12 hoursThis is an (under)estimate for the past two or three weeks or so. I take care of the Holyoke crescent, the area around the tot lot & now adding some of the area opposite Carleton court from the tot lot, as well as the small planting bed between the tot lot & community garden gate. 1
5-19-202010 Claremont Island3.5 hoursClean up oval. Planted in early May. Will put in some more plants in the next weeks. 1
5-19-2020 6 hoursWeed, plant, maintain1 bags1
5-19-20202F Jackson Square Playground Garden1.5 hoursWeeding in Jackson Sq.; then to Stony Brook to look at something. 1
5-17-202002 Rose Garden2.5 hoursThe tall blue grasses that spread by ryzomes, dug trench around and put edging down to help prevent the spread. Removed grasses outside the 7’x4’ area.  1
5-17-202002 Rose Garden2.5 hoursThe tall blue grasses that spread by ryzomes, dug trench around and put edging down to help prevent the spread. Removed grasses outside the 7’x4’ area.  1
5-16-202010 Claremont Island2 hoursplanting seeds with Franco, weeding in Clarendon island plot 1
5-15-2020JP 1 hoursWatering; weeding. 1
5-15-202002 Rose Garden3.5 hoursHelped Franco cutting back yews. Then trimmed burnt Mh bush hedge, rhododendrons, cut a dead 2” branch out of Maple, worked a bit in MBTA emergency exit garden.  1
5-15-2020SE 12 hoursAnna worked on w. Rutland corner, Elizabeth and I planted in various spots, Mike and Hayden and I pruned the Yews at RWG 1
5-15-202012 Greenwich Park Terrace3 hoursWeeding thinning gardens and shrubs on strip between Greenwich Park and Claremont Park 1
5-13-202005A Steppingstone Garden1.5 hoursPruned euonymus; weeded gill-on-the-ground, grasses and some of the bishops-weed. The alyssium saxatile and celandine are blooming, as well as purple vinca, violets and heal-all. 1
5-13-2020SE 10 hoursIn the Morning, Anna dug up grass plugs and Set up seeds while I raked and moved plants around. In the Afternoon, Bill and I replanted grass dug up by DCR at Blackwood, then planted garlic onion at Harcourt.  3
5-13-2020 3 hoursassorted transplanting, weeding, cleaning 1
5-12-202002 Rose Garden1 hoursWeeded dandelions, cut back daffodils dead flowers.  1
5-11-202007 Claremont Green4 hourscleaned up trash, moved plants, weeded 1
5-10-202026 Harcourt Corner12 hoursPlanted the Chestnut at Braddock, flowers at harcourt, cleaned up Harcourt and the Yard.  4
5-10-2020SE 1 hoursWeeding and thinning Greenwich Park to Claremont Park gardens 1
5-9-2020JP 2 hoursTransplanted violas, Kniphofia and Ratibida pinnata; planted Athyrium angustum (3x) and Sanguinaria canadensis (4x). Watered. 2
5-8-2020SE 1 hoursWeeding and planting myrtle shoots gardens an shrubs along Greenwich Park to Claremont Park sidewalk 2
5-8-202002 Rose Garden3 hoursHome Depot run. Planted 5 roses, 2 reds that grow tall along the evergreen hedge1 near bench and 2nd next to old dogwood tree in the middle that will go along with the existing 3 along the upper side of hill near bike ramp.  1
5-7-2020SE 13 hoursIn the morning, Anna and I planted sprirea and goldenrod and daffodils, then in the afternoon Carla and I went to Cochato to buy plants.  1
5-7-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursWeeded whole garden, moved 4 more wh/yw daffodils to group area, moved more fox tails and a plant that always gets stepped on. Don’t know yet what it is.  1
5-6-202012 Greenwich Park Terrace6 hoursToday I worked with Andra and we put up the seeds in the Yard and worked on Greenwich lower bed. 1 bags1
5-5-2020All 6 hoursSent donation letters for the Conservancy 1
5-5-202004 Butterfly Garden2 hours 1
5-4-2020SE 6 hoursMet with Pat over much stuff in the Morning, then set up the seeds in the Yard seed bed, and worked on Greenwich Lower Bed2 bags1
5-4-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursRelocated large clumps of daffodils to 9 smaller ones along front entrance walkway. Transplanted a clump of medium height tulips from the top of hill hidden by lilac bush to a line of them on the right side at the end of the circle. Moved an orange tall tulip clump from open area next to circle to right side about 10 feet from path in the center of four Rose plants. Weeded dandelions and other weeds throughout.  1
5-3-202026 Harcourt Corner6 hoursToday we built the stone path across Harcourt Reach.  1
5-3-202018S Braddock Hill2 hoursplanted Ilex opaca, Angelica at Upper Braddock, etc.  1
5-1-202002 Rose Garden1.5 hoursFound some stakes painted green in Frank Jordan’s basement, used those and rope from swcpc to fence off other side of entry into Rose garden. Have planted 4 or 5 roses on that side to restore it back to what it once was. Will transplant a bakers dozen of daffodils later to match the other parts of the garden.  1
5-1-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursWeeded dandelions and thistle throughout. Cut back the rhododendrons to maintain sight line and sun to the roses.  1
5-2020JP 10 hoursPlanting and weeding last week of May 1
4-30-202007 Claremont Green3 hoursweeding, dividing, trash, needles reported  1
4-29-2020SE 8 hoursMet with Ben about removing Junipers at Blackwood Green. transplanted flowers and shrubs at Claremont and elsewhere. I began an adhoc tall perennial flower bed at harcourt.  1
4-29-20202F Jackson Square Playground Garden1.5 hoursWeeded. Planted pumpkin seeds in wooden box and in corner behind crab apple. Brought dandelions home for re-planting for dandelion greens. 1
4-28-202004 Butterfly Garden3 hoursweeding, dividing plants 1
4-28-2020SE 4 hoursMet with Althea and Karen and scoped out the Butterfly Meadow, Met Andra Dekkers who will be working on the Greenwich Park Lower Terrace, and I propped up Cunninghamia. Brought plants to Lucia in the RWG 1
4-28-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursPulled another 10 random growing spirea and put them in mulch pile for Franco. Transplanted 10 daffodils to along the circle to complete the run along all roping.  1
4-28-202002 Rose Garden1 hoursTransplanted 3 large clumps of yellow and white daffodils from the top of the hill behind bushes to the left side of the grass and path where lily of the valleys and foxtails are now also.  1
4-25-202026 Harcourt Corner10 hoursI installed the edging along the Harcourt Reach and began the install of the path, then Lincon Scott and Jasper came and helped out , and Anna F. as well. Also planted the Ginko at the alley way at West Canton.  1
4-23-202026 Harcourt Corner4 hourstransplanted then went to LANDSCAPE Express to buy stone for HARcourt Reach. Chris debord installed the top to the seed bed.  1
4-23-202002 Rose Garden3 hoursDig out 2/3 wild Spirea, gave Franco 20 of the bigger ones in the compost pile.  1
4-23-202002 Rose Garden3 hoursDig out 2/3 wild Spirea, gave Franco 20 of the bigger ones in the compost pile.  1
4-21-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursCut out dead dogwood branches, trimmed up dogwood tree. Moved a few daffodils . Trimmed down entry evergreen to fence level to improve sight line into garden.  1
4-21-2020 2 hoursspoke with Pat about cobble stone, planted Panicum virgatum in butterfly meadow along fence line, weeded out spreading Nettle, transplanted Mountain mint to Greenwich oval, seeded Durham Green, and cleaned up Claremont Comm Garden a bit.  1
4-20-2020SE 45 hoursToday we scoured the streets for cobblestone and stole enough from the tree wells to finish the line at the Round Window Garden. Also met with Althea and transplanted Toad Lily, Carla and spoke about seed, and Scott who is now Steward at the Garrison Cove.  1
4-20-202002 Rose Garden4 hoursWent to HD bought 8 Rose plants, 1 climber to replace 1 at gate, 4 at entry path and another 4 on the right side of path at the beginning of grass and up to the right side of big evergreen. Planted them and fertilized.  1
4-17-202002 Rose Garden1 hoursDig out barberry and put in compost soil for Franco to transplant somewhere.  1
4-15-202018S Braddock Hill3 hoursToday, cleaned up the Yard and moved plants around, mostly to Upper Braddock. 1
4-14-2020 6 hoursWE planted flowers and grass at Claremont Green 1
4-11-202002 Rose Garden3 hoursTook 3 loads of mulch dropped off and covered top of hill along evergreens and spirea.  2
4-10-202002 Rose Garden1 hoursCut wintered tall grass and the barberry bush readying to dig it out and give to Franco.  1
4-8-2020 2 hoursPlanted sedum around the Tupelo, moved Peaonies to Lucia at RWG, then planted iris and day lily from various to Claremont Green 1
4-7-202018S Braddock Hill5 hoursApril 5 and 6. Beautiful weather, Pandemic rages, quiet. Raked out all of Braddock Hill, planted flowers, installed a wood support on Braddock HIll, raked out Harcourt planter. 8 bags1
4-7-202008 Blackwood Green5 hoursPick up donations from Encore Casino , planting  2
4-7-202018N Follen Swale2 hoursraked out Follen and removed Mustard from Upper Braddock. Cleaned out the Yard too.  1
4-7-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursMulched Mbta garden, beginning of rose garden under rhododendrons, where the verbernum where and the foxtail.  1
4-6-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursTransplanted verbernum to mbta garden, 1 barberry bush up to behind pine tree. Transplanted perennial foxtail? From verbernum area to beginning of tall fence. Transplanted wild iris that was growing in a rose plant where I planted lilies last year toon front of the pine tree.  1
4-5-2020 1.5 hoursPlanted cosmos and nasturtium seeds. Put soil, seeds and celandine in a new gray-blue ceramic planter (gift from a neighbor). Lightly raked and other minor tasks. 1
4-2-2020 2 hoursRaked out Greenwich, planted Chives at Claremont Green, fixed stone walls.  1
4-1-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursMoved the holly bush to left side of entrance where Azaela used to be. Moved the small evergreen bush that was alone in dog area over to where holly was. Dig out some chives and garlic plants and gave to Franco.  1
4-2020 20 hoursGrowing seedlings, early planting, weeding 1
4-2020JP 2 hoursCleanup of debris from winter, weekly watering. 2
3-31-2020 2 hoursUntangled rope, planted Carex, planted Burnet in Butterfly Meadow, put logs at Durham, talked with Mike about plants, tied up Parthenocyssus along fence line.  1
3-31-202002 Rose Garden2 hoursRaked Mbta garden, straightened metal posts. reviewed bushes relocation w Franco.  1
3-27-202002 Rose Garden5 hoursRyan raked lawn and put down grass seed. I transplanted 2 elephant hostas from entry to 6 along the burning bushes. Transplanted a rose bush to entry also. Trimmed dogwoods for sitel lines into garden area. 1 bags1
3-27-202002 Rose Garden5 hoursRyan raked lawn and put down grass seed. I transplanted 2 elephant hostas from entry to 6 along the burning bushes. Transplanted a rose bush to entry also. Trimmed dogwoods for sitel lines into garden area. 1 bags1
3-27-2020 4.5 hoursYesterday and today, continued install of stone wall at Claremont, fixed rope fences, untangled a mess of rope, worked on Power Point. Met with Lucia on the Round Window Garden.  1
3-27-20202F Jackson Square Playground Garden2 hoursPlanted cosmos and zinnia seeds in the children`s garden. Provided a "Garden Science Coloring Book" with some craft supplies to the breakfast & lunch program to give to children. 1
3-24-202008 Blackwood Green5.5 hoursvarious gardens7 bags1
3-22-2020 3.5 hoursMet with Lincoln. He is posting separately. WE cleaned out Canton Green and planted 3 junipers and 1 holly bush. 4 bags2
3-21-2020SE 10 hoursSAm showed up later as part of Boston Cares. No one else showed up. We spread compost, set up the little flower bed at Claremont and set stone. With Lincoln I set up fence in Durham Swale. Composted as well. 4 bags1
3-18-202002 Rose Garden5 hoursTransplanted 5 rose bushes. Mulched areas that had perennials at the time last year. Filled in mulch in other areas. Raked last area.  1
3-17-2020SE 3 hoursI weeded at Harcourt, then Anna and I installed fence posts at Durham Swale. As of today, it is recommended that we stay inside, but I may sneak out and spread compost. But, the park may be on its own till May.  2
3-15-2020SE 3 hoursPlanted Ginko across Mass Ave, Pruned at Durham and Blackwood 1
3-14-2020SE 60 hoursCleaning leaves out of garden beds and working on grass. Used over 30 leaf bags in March alone.30 bags1
3-14-2020 2 hoursWith Scott, wo is logging in his hours separately, I cleaned out the Holyoke Bed and spread compost. The Pandemic is strengthening, but out gardening so far is OK. 4 bags1
3-11-2020SE 5 hoursWe cleaned out Claremont Triangle, removed trash from Durham and Blackwood.  2
3-9-2020 9 hoursToday, march 9, we were at 70 degrees. We laid the stone path at Claremont Park.  4
3-6-2020SE 9 hoursA mixed Bag, 1 hour with Pat Driscoll, on park maintenance, 2 hours with Lorraine on Fundraising, then 6 hours cleaning up the park and running rope. I took down most of the support on the Glauca cypress.  4
3-5-202002 Rose Garden2 hours53 degrees, sunny, Transplanted 2 large rose bushes out of the area next to gravel path to along the tall fence blocking the alley. Bushes grow to 6 ft which was to talk next to path. Also transplanted 2 very small rose bushes. Rose bushes are budding and some beginning to leaf. A couple rose bushes kept a few living leaves through the winter.  1
3-4-2020 3 hoursI sent out emails to Lorraine, Jennifer, Northampton and DCR. Lincoln and I repaired fences along the back 40. Picked up 2 needles.  2
3-3-202002 Rose Garden2 hours63 degrees. Raked entry, maple, burning bush areas. Found 2 needles and 3-4 dog 🐶 💩 🙁 bought 4 packs of bags. Bumped into DCR Mike and he is going to drop more off. 8 bags1
3-202014 Durham Oval6 hoursSpring clean up of Durham Oval Spread compost.  1
3-2020SE 70 hoursMultiple garden projects along section one in March. Average 2.5 hours of volunteering/day. 30 bags1
2-25-202002 Rose Garden3 hoursRaked leaves on garden hillside 12 bags1
2-24-2020 2 hoursspread stepping stones at Claremont, Dug up a Rhus t from Holyoke Bed and planted it Upper Durham.  1
2-22-202004 Butterfly Garden20 hours10 bags10
2-18-2020 1.5 hoursMet with Pat concerning park. He will pick up stone edging from Landscape, will drop off compost when we want it. Tlaked about trees to be pruned or removed. Lilacs, dogwood, Birch. Then about the Grass at Durham and reseeding.  1
2-17-2020SE 4 hoursToday, 40 degrees and beautiful. We planted a Sourwood, Oxydendron arboreum at upper Durham Swale, and 2 Sumacs in pots in the Yard, along with Wintergreen. WE put together signs and put them in most of the way to Mass Ave.  2
2-12-2020 4 hoursPruned yews up and down park, found 4 needles, dug test holes in various locations for future tree placement, tied up Red Bud on Blackwood green. Measured Harcourt Reach. Gorgeous day in the 50`s and flies were buzzing in the Yard.  1
2-3-202001 Mass Ave Garden3 hoursToday we filled in a rat hole at Mass Ave Garden, spread Hay under Pine at upper Durham.  2
2-1-2020 3 hoursWe pruned roses and Yew, and removed invasive ivy. One needle. 4 yesterday4 bags2
2-2020SE 30 hoursAdditional 30 hours. Leaf cleanup, painted last 2 green benches in tot lot and green bench between dog park and Harcourt garden10 bags1
2-2020JP 8 hoursReplacing wattle fences 1
2-2020SE 15 hours15 volunteer hours tracked in the last 5 days.  1
1-29-2020SE 30 hoursFundraising development and begin license application for Durham Oval Project  1
1-27-2020 4 hoursWe planned for plantings, installed fence at Holyoke Ramp and upper Braddock.  1
1-26-2020 6 hoursWith Nina, we proposed making revisions to the donation card, and discussed other means of fund raising for the park 3
1-25-2020 2 hoursPlanted an uprooted Rhody, Pruned yews at Grenwich hard. 2 bags1
1-19-2020All 22 hoursMLK Weekend volunteer day with the Northeaastern University ACES program. Worked on photos for the GIS-based maps for the website. 11
1-17-2020 6 hoursDurham Oval meeting with Karen the landscape architect, Peter from Woven Steel and Lorraine and I. Moving the project forward. We need to move first on the MBTA permit.  1
1-13-2020SE 14 hoursBoard Meeting at Lorraines.  7
1-13-202025 Canine Vista6 hoursWent with Scott tp Home Depot and purchased more cinder block. Then Lincoln and I built the flower bed at the Yard 3
1-10-2020SE 4 hoursWe went to Home Depot to get Cinder Block for the base of the seed bed and stakes and a ladder. 1
1-10-2020SE 5 hoursHigh 30`s. we pruned at Canton, Harcourt, Newton west, Greenwich raised bed. Viburnum, roses, Chestnut, Holly, Callicarpa, Rhodys yews and Larch.  2
1-2-2020 3 hoursToday we pruned the lilac at the Tennis Corner at end of W. Rutland Sq.  2
1-1-2020 1 hoursCold but clear today. Spent an hour pruning the Cercis Red Bud on Blackwood Green. pruned a bit of the maples and Smoke Bush as well.  1
1-1-202010 Claremont Island2 hoursGeneral clean up of oval 1
1-2020SE 60 hoursEstimated January volunteer hours. 5 bags1
Total  1196.5 hours 184 bags