Southwest Corridor Park

Gardening in the Southwest Corridor

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Resources and Information for Garden Stewards and Volunteers:

SPRING 2018: SWCP Volunteer Park Steward Guide - Spring 2018 (PDF)

DCR Volunteer Release Form (PDF)

Weed or Flower? About weeds and invasive plants

Expense request form for garden stewards and volunteers [Excel]
Download the expense request form [Excel] to request funding for planting and materials. (Click or right-click to save this to your computer. Complete the form, save, and email.)

Gardening Opportunities

Our general email address - - will connect you with volunteer opportunities and general information for both PMAC and the SWCPC, and for all sections of the park, from Jamaica Plain to South End/Back Bay.

Apply for a Community Garden. Apply for a space in one of the eleven Community Gardens along the corridor. Use the Online Application for Community Gardens to apply.

Volunteer Days - South End/Back Bay and JP: Particpate in volunteer days to maintain plants and landscaping. Volunteers transplant, weed, prune and do general clean-up on various days during the spring, summer and fall. Volunteers include neighborhood residents and people from all over the city who volunteer through BostonCares and other organizations.

Be a Garden Steward - South End/Back Bay and JP. Volunteer to be a steward who takes care of a designated area in the corridor. You can see examples of gardens cared for by volunteers on the Maps page on this website. Email for more information for South End/Back Bay gardening and Jenny Jones at for JP gardening.

General Email Address

Specific contacts:

SWCPC Gardening & Park Stewardship / South End/Back Bay
Franco Campanello, SWCPC President, volunteer coordinator for park stewards in the South End/Back Bay area

SWCPC Gardening & Park Stewardship / Jamaica Plain
Jenny Jones, SWCPC/PMAC Member, organizer for park stewards in the Jamaica Plain/Stony Brook area

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