Southwest Corridor Park

Gardening in the Southwest Corridor

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Resources and Information for Garden Stewards and Volunteers:

SPRING 2018: SWCP Volunteer Park Steward Guide - Spring 2018 (PDF)

DCR Volunteer Release Form (PDF)

Weed or Flower? About weeds and invasive plants

Expense request form for garden stewards and volunteers [Excel]
Download the expense request form [Excel] to request funding for planting and materials. (Click or right-click to save this to your computer. Complete the form, save, and email.)

Gardening Opportunities

Our general email address - - will connect you with volunteer opportunities and general information for both PMAC and the SWCPC, and for all sections of the park, from Jamaica Plain to South End/Back Bay.

Apply for a Community Garden. Apply for a space in one of the eleven Community Gardens along the corridor. Use the Online Application for Community Gardens to apply.

Volunteer Days - South End/Back Bay and JP: Particpate in volunteer days to maintain plants and landscaping. Volunteers transplant, weed, prune and do general clean-up on various days during the spring, summer and fall. Volunteers include neighborhood residents and people from all over the city who volunteer through BostonCares and other organizations.

Be a Garden Steward - South End/Back Bay and JP. Volunteer to be a steward who takes care of a designated area in the corridor. You can see examples of gardens cared for by volunteers on the Maps page on this website. Email for more information.

General Email Address

Specific contacts:

SWCPC Gardening & Park Stewardship / South End/Back Bay
Franco Campanello, SWCPC President, volunteer coordinator for park stewards in the South End/Back Bay area

SWCPC Gardening & Park Stewardship / Jamaica Plain
Jenny Jones, SWCPC/PMAC Member, organizer for park stewards in the Jamaica Plain/Stony Brook area

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