Southwest Corridor Park

Dogs and Dog Walking in the SWC

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Dogs and dog owners are an important part of creating a healthy neighborhood, and the SWC is well-used year-round, in all types of weather and throughout the day and evening by dog owners and their dogs. Since the park is intensively used by so many people, dogs and other animals, and since the greenspace is maintained by volunteers and is planted on a fairly thin layer of soil over the subway and train, it is important to find ways to make sure that dogs have a positive impact on the park and greenspace.

The Carlton Court Dog Park in the South End/Back Bay section of the park is a fenced-in dog park established in 2005. The dog park is maintained and supported by neighborhood volunteers; while there find out about making a donation to support the dog park.

Dog owners in JP are currently exploring options for a dog park in the area between Stony Brook and Forest Hills. The following working document and map show some of the thoughts so far. Important to note -- the information presented here are not the official recommendations or policy of any group, but just represent initial thoughts. Interested dog owners and neighbors are encouraged to connect with PMAC to help with this planning.

Working document (Google Doc / Opens in new window): Working Document

Working Map

(Open in new window: Working Map)

Three Dog Rules for a Healthy Park:

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- Support your neighbors and fellow dog owners in picking up after their dogs ... carry a spare poop bag to offer a neighbor who may have forgotten one.
- Keep dogs out of the planted beds for their health, and for the health of our shrubs and flowers.
- Keep the grass healthy by having your dog relieve itself on sidewalks, streets and alleys.

Thank you for keeping your dog, our park and our kids healthy!