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Milestones and Updates

6/7/2021 | Media Highlight..., ..., | Media and Communications Highlights | In the Boston Guardian: Painting, Zumba, and More On the Southwest Corridor https://read.thebostonguardian.com/the-boston-guardian/2021/06/04/?fbclid=IwAR3eM6D8jzol9nVDkdqmh1MHosWWtiXpMeRx1fi6yiEizFQ3M1pvPyImdJg#?article=3803174

10/5/2021 5:23:03 PM | Media Highlight..., ..., | Media and Communications Highlights | In the JP Gazette: SNA discusses updates on projects in the community https://jamaicaplaingazette.com/2021/10/05/sna-discusses-updates-on-projects-in-the-community/

9/17/2021 | , Terrace St. / comments on three developments | Community-Based Committees & Projects | Jennifer Leonard wrote comments on three proposed developments along Terrace St., mentioning the Southwest Corridor as a neighborhood asset. Terrace St. runs parallel to the park, but is separated by the orange line tracks. It connects to the park via Cedar St., Heath St., and Tremont St.

9/9/2021 | Midtown Hotel Redevelopment, | Community-Based Committees & Projects | As of Summer 2021, the Midtown Hotel project / 220 Huntington Ave. // has offered $75,000 to the SWCPC as part of their community benefits planning. See the IAG document at https://bpda.app.box.com/s/alxcmcqzka45p23c9cmybi9pybvv14fd

9/7/2021 | SWCPC / Stewardship, | SWCPC Park Stewardship Project Updates | In July 2021, one of the SWCP gardens -- Doug Gifford`s stewardship garden by the Carlton Court dog park -- was awarded second prize in the Mayor`s Garden Contest. https://www.boston.gov/news/winners-mayors-garden-contest-announced

9/7/2021 | , Mural Project | Community-Based Committees & Projects | Note: The SWCP/PMAC was represented on the committee of jurors by Jenny Jones. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MURAL COMPETITION WINNERS CHOSEN FOR JAMAICA PLAIN BUILDING JAMAICA PLAIN, SEPTEMBER 7, 2021 - After years of planning by the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association (SNA) and SSG Development and Construction, the exterior walls of an Extra Space Storage facility at 141 McBride Street in Jamaica Plain will be transformed into works of public art that celebrate the surrounding community. Two areas of the building totaling 2,500 sq. ft. will display new murals by Boston-based artists. Julia Csekö and Sharif Muhammad created the winning proposals, selected out of a group of eight semifinalists (four for each area), including: Kit Collins, Alexander Cook, Rixy Fernandez, Felipe Ortiz, Chanel Thervil, and Sophy Tuttle. Based on previous artwork submitted by the original pool of over 30 highly-qualified applicants, the semifinalists were each awarded $500 to submit site-specific designs. Csekö’s design will be located on the east side of the building while Muhammad’s will be on the northwest corner. The competition entailed a 5-month process, utilizing a jury of seven art professionals and JP community representatives to choose the final artwork. Submissions were evaluated using criteria including relevance of the theme to Jamaica Plain and uniqueness of artistic vision. The winners will each receive a cash prize of $5,000.

8/30/2021 | Skateboard Park Project, | DCR Project Updates | The Skatepark ribbon cutting was held on Monday, August 30, 2021, with Commissioner Jim Montgomery, and with speakers from DCR, Converse, Fancy Lad and PMAC.

8/3/2021 | Skateboard Park Project, | DCR Project Updates | Construction began on the skatepark on approx. April 12, 2021. People began skateboarding by late July, and the fence came down for a "soft opening" before the ribbon cutting.

8/18/2021 | , 267 Amory St. Project / YES Youth Enrichment | Community-Based Committees & Projects | On Wed, Aug 18, 2021 we sent an email: "Letter of Support - 267 Amory - From Southwest Corridor Park / PMAC" based on agreement of a majority of PMAC leadership team members. Jenny J., Fred V., and Ralph W. and others have attended meetings about this project. // See letter posted on documents/archives page.

8/3/2021 | Media Highlight..., | Media and Communications Highlights | Thank you to the panelists who shared their experiences during our PMAC/Southwest Corridor Park History Panel, and to everyone who attended. Here is the recording of the event - please enjoy and share this discussion! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOOhwrviBAY

6/30/2021 | Burnett Street Community Garden..., | Community-Based Committees & Projects | The Burnett St. Park and Garden Ribbon Cutting was held on Wed., June 30th. See flyer: https://scontent-bos3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.6435-9/207502521_10158394481478348_7419881488058059481_n.jpg?_nc_cat=102&ccb=1-5&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=eLJ298cmv-UAX-siZfm&_nc_ht=scontent-bos3-1.xx&oh=aeb16a741246574bfe1275a8a270aa82&oe=6183F2EF

5/24/2021 8:50:20 AM | Youth and Family / Mini-Grants, | PMAC/Subcommittee Updates | For Summer 2021, Southwest Corridor Park mini-grants will support seven programs: - United South End Settlements club48 children`s program - Boston Explorers - Mildred Hailey Tenant Association / Mother`s Cafe - JP Tree of Life / Mildred Hailey / Father`s Group - Zumba with E13 - Walking Club at Alice Taylor Apartments - Community Garden at Roxbury Community College

5/24/2021 8:47:35 AM | DCR Special Commission | Community-Based Committees & Projects | PMAC was invited to participate in a focus group session for the DCR Special Commission, and Tracy O`Brien participated on behalf of PMAC. As a next step, we shared, via PMAC email and Facebook, information about the May 25th public meeting and the opportunity for public comments through June 8th. Read more about the DCR Special Commission at https://www.mass.gov/event/may-25-2021-public-listening-session-of-the-dcr-special-commission-2021-05-25t160000-0400-2021-05-25t180000-0400 and on the Mass. Conservation Voter website.

5/24/2021 8:40:00 AM | City Council Hearing on Dog Parks | Community-Based Committees & Projects | At the May 4, 2021 we shared videos and had a discussion about the Boston City Council`s Hearing on Dog Parks. Many members of Friends of JP Dog Parks testified at that hearing. Included in the video clips that we played at the PMAC meeting: City Councillor Felix Arroyo asked the city`s Parks Commissioner Ryan Woods about options to work with state agencies to provide city-level support for developing dog parks on state land.

5/12/2021 | Bike/Walking Paths, | PMAC/Subcommittee Updates | On May 12th, David Wean sent a letter to DCR on behalf of PMAC, expressing our feedback on proposed changes to e-bike policy. The letter is posted in the "documents" archives.

4/13/2021 8:44:18 AM | Northeastern University Community Advisory Board, | Community-Based Committees & Projects | We are following the planning for the proposed building at 840 Columbus Ave. Jennifer L. and Matilda D. have participated in design workshops, including a Spring 2021 design workshop, as well as other forums/workshops over the past two years. We have corresponded with NEU staff about bike path issues, including proposals to coordinate striping/stenciling, signage, crosswalks and traffic signals with the Melnea Cass bike path, and to add striping/stenciling on the SWCP path as it goes along Ruggles station. We expect to have a meeting with PMAC with the design team later in the process, when time comes to file a transportation access plan agreement (TAPA).

3/24/2021 10:32:27 AM | Community Gardens, | Community Gardens Updates | Tracy O`Brien spoke about the importance of community gardens and the context of the Southwest Corridor Park at the DCR Partnership Awards Matching ceremony on Tuesday, March 23rd. The ceremony was chaired by DCR Commissioner Jim Montgomery attended by state representatives and state senators and their staff and by representatives from each of the park groups that are participating in partnership projects.

3/29/2021 3:08:03 AM | Community Gardens, | Community Gardens Updates | An exciting milestone: the new Oakdale Community Garden is now integrated into the network of now twelve Southwest Corridor Park community gardens.

3/24/2021 10:29:16 AM | 267 Amory St. Project | Community-Based Committees & Projects | PMAC members (Jenny J., Ralph W.) have participated in the public meeting for the 267 Amory St. project., and are part of the dialog, with DCR, about potential improvements to the park entrance and sidewalk along that section of Amory St.

3/14/2021 6:00:47 PM | Mildred Hailey Phase 1 Redevelopment, | Community-Based Committees & Projects | At the March 8, 2021 IAG meeting, and at a pre-meeting zoom discussion with the development team and PMAC co-chairs, the development team shared a revised design for the area around the Lorber Family Playground, the new AMC plaza, and the SWCP path. The new design adds stairs between the plaza and playground, as well as other landscaping options around community garden and childrens` gardens, and the walkway to the SWCP between the planned buildings 1A and 1B. Updates reflect feedback from PMAC and other groups, for the flow of movement between the plaza, playground and pathway.

3/24/2021 9:59:50 AM | Mildred Hailey Phase 1 Redevelopment, | Community-Based Committees & Projects | PMAC members and park neighbors continue to attend the public meetings for the Mildred Hailey Redevelopment project. Several very positive changes have been made in the design to create a smooth and welcoming flow of movement between the development and the plaza, playground, paths and Jackson Sq. station. The development team will continue to work with residents, PMAC members and DCR staff to look at ways that we can improve the layout of the paths and surrounding areas. This is an opportunity to improve an area that is heavily used. According to the transportation study included in the project`s Project Notification Form (PNF), as many as 227 bicyclists per hour travel through this section of the path at peak hours, and so it is clearly an important point for commuting and recreational bicycling. Meanwhile, with the close proximity of the path and playground, plaza and gardens, it can feel almost like a too-busy-street going past areas where children are playing. We are advocating for several changes, including adding striping/stenciling and possibly switching the bicycle and pedestrian sides of the path from Centre St. to the basketball court.

3/14/2021 6:04:13 PM | JP/Stonybrook Mural Project | Community-Based Committees & Projects | Jenny J. from PMAC is participating in the committee for this new mural project. The call for applications will launch later in March 2021. From the call for proposals: "The Stonybrook Neighborhood Association (SNA) and SSG Development and Construction are commissioning Boston-based artists or artist teams to design approximately 2,500 sq ft of murals for the exterior of an Extra Space Storage building. Located at Burnett, McBride, and Washington Streets in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, it is part of a significant development project in a rapidly expanding commercial and residential area. The murals should be reflective of Jamaica Plain, whether its community, its history, or some other tangible or intangible aspect of this lively part of Boston. There are two areas (AREA 1 and AREA 2) of the building available for proposals and applicants are welcome to apply for one or both areas. A jury will choose semifinalists based on their previous work submitted."

3/14/2021 6:00:00 PM | Youth and Family Programming | Community-Based Committees & Projects | Our curriculum project: "A Circle of Parks: Boston Parks and Greenspace as a Case Study in Civic Engagement" looks at the story of the Southwest Corridor Park, along with history from the Emerald Necklace, as a frame for the study of civic engagement. The project includes three original videos, a reading (with audio recording) about "Understanding Civic Engagement", case studies about park leadership and decision making, and an "Inquiry Lesson" delving into park history. Videos are narrated by local youth from park-related organizations. We have started sharing this project, through park and youth/education networks, including the Emerald Necklace / Olmsted 200 project, Northeastern University Community Advisory Board, and various social media.

1/5/2021 1:57:36 PM | Lighting Repair and Replacement, | General - Repairs, Correspondence, Etc. | Lights have been repaired/replaced along the Corridor from Dartmouth to Mass Ave.

1/4/2021 10:48:53 AM | Lighting Repair and Replacement / Other | General - Repairs, Correspondence, Etc. | Correspondence with DCR and with representatives of covid-testing-site at Jackson Square and with DCR; more lighting needed in the evenings, especially where testing site lines overflow into the pathways.

1/4/2021 10:42:26 AM | Midtown Hotel Redevelopment | Community-Based Committees & Projects | The Southwest Corridor Park will be an important asset for the future residents of the re-developed Midtown Hotel site, 222 Huntington Avenue. Mike Reinders, who is a Claremont neighborhood resident and an SWCP volunteer park steward, represents the SWCP on the IAG for this project.

1/4/2021 10:17:52 AM | Burnett Street Community Garden | Community-Based Committees & Projects | The new Burnett Garden/Park. This is the culmination of a 10 year effort by the SNA to build a park, garden, and SWCP connector by committing funds from a large development to a community benefit. On the right is Burnett Street. To the left is the vacant land where we hope to build an extension to the SWCP. You can see that the developer put in a bike path from Burnett St and sloped the land up to the connection point as well. This allows the two grades to meet. Straight ahead is the Extra Space storage facility that is one building of the three that would finance much of the park. And the picture is taken from a deck of 45 Burnett, the new condo development. You can see the top of English HS over the storage facility roof.

1/3/2021 12:39:30 PM | Northeastern University Community Advisory Board | Community-Based Committees & Projects | Northeastern University Community Advisory Board (CAB) focuses on many different aspects of the university relationship with community partners, as well as providing updates and opportunities to provide feedback on major projects, including the Parcel 18 project. Jennifer represents PMAC on this board.

1/3/2021 12:30:43 PM | Media Highlight | Media and Communications Highlights | Boston Magazine included the Southwest Corridor Park, from Mass. Ave. to Copley Square, in "Five Scenic Winter Walks That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re in a Boston-Themed Snow Globe"

1/3/2021 12:17:36 PM | Mildred Hailey Partners | Community-Based Committees & Projects | At the most recent meetings of the Mildred Hailey Partners, we have heard updates from the new Youth Center director and have been continuing converastions about various collaborations. PMAC/SWCPC provide a Children`s Garden program and support Science Wednesdays, though both have been inactive because of the pandemic. Currently focusing on arts and crafts until the garden program can start again, including providing custom-made science-themed and garden-themed coloring book and craft supplies.

1/3/2021 12:15:41 PM | Mildred Hailey Phase 1 Redevelopment | Community-Based Committees & Projects | This fall PMAC members participated in a PMAC-specific meeting with the development team, a neighbohood meeting with the JPNDC, and in a public meeting. We have opened dialogue with the development team about the interface between the re-development project and the park. Other organizations, including WalkBoston and Boston Cyclists Union are also involved in conversations.

1/3/2021 12:13:48 PM | Back Bay Ventilation Project CAC | Community-Based Committees & Projects | During the most recent meeting with the MBTA and with CAC members, we focused on the flow of emissions from the commuter rail through the Mass. Ave. portal (by Carter School) and the Holyoke intake . Suggestion to consider a green wall at the Mass. Ave. portal. Planning to measure current air quality conditions via a project with BU School of Public Health.

1/3/2021 12:10:20 PM | Circle of Parks / Civic Engagement Curriculum | Youth and Family Programs | The Madison Park HS Media Arts program will work on the videos for our "Circle of Parks" curriculum this winter.