I.Concerns/Issues - With Responses/Updates/Milestones

#Date Priority Code (See KEY below)COMMENTS, CONCERNS AND ISSUESAny Updates or Milestones?
Priority CodePriority CodePriority Code
Signage | Some of the COVID / Social distancing signs are broken or missing, including a missing sign near the BlueBike station at Jackson Square.... |
Priority CodePriority CodePriority Code
Signage | The ONLY sign in the South End that mentions the park is the notice that you are entering the Southwest Corridor Reservation. We are not, and never have been a reservation, and the other lettering is wearing off. The sign should be removed, as names and brand names are important. And it is not the... | Reported?- Just now

3/29/2021 10:53:38 AM | | | Initial response via PMAC: Should this say "And it is not the [Pierre Lallement] bike path anymore anyhow."? If yes, the Pierre Lallement name raises lots of questions, as most people call the path simply the Southwest Corridor Park Bicycle Path (or Bike/Walking Paths). There have been some good conversations about this, although the name remains officially the Pierre Lallement Bike Path. About the larger question of the sign -- definitely worth looking at options.

Priority CodePriority CodePriority Code
Signage | The sign on Northampton Street needs to be removed, please. Please see photo. The Park has never been a Reservation, and the letters are eroding. ... | Reported?- Just now.

4/13/2021 8:53:28 AM | | | (See comment above.)

Priority CodePriority CodePriority Code
Signage | There aren`t enough signs asking people to clean up after their dogs and warning of the health hazard of failure to do so... | Reported?- No

II.General Updates and Milestones

KEY: Priority codes are based on three criteria:

IMPACT: Does this issue affect park safety and/or usability of park features? 3 is highest priority.
DOMAIN: Is this issue within the domain of park staff, park volunteers and/or public safety partners? 3 represents issues that are defintely in the domain of park staff, volunteers or public safety partners, while 1 or 2 represents issues that are multi-faceted, requiring a citywide or statewide solution or other solutions not within our control.
PLAN: Is there an agreed-upon approach or an agreed-upon plan to address this issue? 3 represents issues that have a clear, agreed-upon plan or approach, including projects that have been agreed on or that are routine maintenance.