I.Concerns/Issues - With Responses/Updates/Milestones

II.General Updates and Milestones

#Date Most Recent Updates and Milestones
13/29/2021Community Gardens Updates | An exciting milestone: the new Oakdale Community Garden is now integrated into the network of now twelve Southwest Corridor Park community gardens. ... |
23/24/2021Community Gardens Updates | Tracy O`Brien spoke about the importance of community gardens and the context of the Southwest Corridor Park at the DCR Partnership Awards Matching ceremony on Tuesday, March 23rd. The ceremony was chaired by DCR Commissioner Jim Montgomery attended by state representatives and state senators and ... |

III. Park Garden Stewardship Proposals

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KEY: Priority codes are based on three criteria:

IMPACT: Does this issue affect park safety and/or usability of park features? 3 is highest priority.
DOMAIN: Is this issue within the domain of park staff, park volunteers and/or public safety partners? 3 represents issues that are defintely in the domain of park staff, volunteers or public safety partners, while 1 or 2 represents issues that are multi-faceted, requiring a citywide or statewide solution or other solutions not within our control.
PLAN: Is there an agreed-upon approach or an agreed-upon plan to address this issue? 3 represents issues that have a clear, agreed-upon plan or approach, including projects that have been agreed on or that are routine maintenance.