I.Concerns/Issues - With Responses/Updates/Milestones

#Date Priority Code (See KEY below)COMMENTS, CONCERNS AND ISSUESAny Updates or Milestones?
Pandemic related?
Maintenance and Landscaping | trash, dead leaves are accumulating along the sides of the path (gutters)... | Reported?- no
Priority CodePriority CodePriority Code
Maintenance and Landscaping | Brick pavers are missing by the W. Newton St. section and cold patch has been used to fill in the holes. This is very unsightly... | Reported?- No
Priority CodePriority CodePriority Code
Maintenance and Landscaping | There is a long-time drainage problem in the area along the tracks along Lawndale Street. The water (and ice) make it hard for park users to walk, run, dog-walk, etc., along this pathway. ... | Reported?- Yes - via PMAC and DCR.

5/21/2021 8:39:26 AM | | | As an interesting landscape and engineering question -- here is a link to an old map of the Stony Brook drainage area, showing perhaps a tributary stream into Stony Brook. https://collections.leventhalmap.org/search/commonwealth:cj82m029n

5/21/2021 8:22:38 AM | | | The park manager has asked that this drain cleaning be prioritized. Meanwhile, we are learning more about the causes of the drainage issue (slope, water-table-level) and recognize that it is more than a drain-cleaning issue. This area is widely used, but was not designed as a pathway and has some features that make the water/ice/mud a common issue. A thought to consider -- is a rain garden or other strategy feasible and worth considering? (NOTE: This is rated a "2" in the last criteria because while drain cleaning is a first step, other things like a rain garden could be considered.

1/8/2021 11:43:28 AM | | | There was discussion about this issue at the Jan. 5th 2021 PMAC meeting. DCR has a drain cleaning contractor who is stretched across multiple parks; DCR is aware of our concerns.

Priority CodePriority CodePriority Code
Maintenance and Landscaping | Johnson ball field has drainage issues.... | Reported?- PMAC meetings.

II.General Updates and Milestones

KEY: Priority codes are based on three criteria:

IMPACT: Does this issue affect park safety and/or usability of park features? 3 is highest priority.
DOMAIN: Is this issue within the domain of park staff, park volunteers and/or public safety partners? 3 represents issues that are defintely in the domain of park staff, volunteers or public safety partners, while 1 or 2 represents issues that are multi-faceted, requiring a citywide or statewide solution or other solutions not within our control.
PLAN: Is there an agreed-upon approach or an agreed-upon plan to address this issue? 3 represents issues that have a clear, agreed-upon plan or approach, including projects that have been agreed on or that are routine maintenance.