I.Concerns/Issues - With Responses/Updates/Milestones

#Date Priority Code (See KEY below)COMMENTS, CONCERNS AND ISSUESAny Updates or Milestones?
Priority CodePriority CodePriority Code
Lighting | A significant number of streetlamps were out over the summer. Some have been fixed/bulbs replaced but many still remain out.... | Reported?- 311, Twitter

1/6/2021 8:35:09 AM | | | At the January 5, 2021 PMAC meeting, DCR staff reported that the lighting replacement and refurbishment is continuing. (1.) As of now, most fixtures have been fixed but 150 light fixtures are still out, and will be refurbished rather than replaced, a slow process. (2.) The next section to be addressed will be at Jackson Square because the COVID testing site there overflows onto the paths at night, and the path is poorly lit. (3.) The issue began when all of the lights failed this summer due to a manufacturing defect. The lights, installed a few years ago, were under warranty, and so replacement parts, and now refurbished lights, are being shipped in batches from the manufacturer. Supply, shipping and COVID-related delays have made this a slow process. (4.) It is a normal part of the process that lights are on during the daytime during this repair phase. (5.) Missing light fixtures are those that have been sent to the manufacturer to be refurbished.

Priority CodePriority CodePriority Code
Lighting | We know that lighting repairs have been going on since summer; and continue to hear concerns from park users.... | Reported?- Yes, ongoing reports & updates with DCR

II.General Updates and Milestones

#Date Most Recent Updates and Milestones
11/4/2021General - Repairs, Correspondence, Etc. | Correspondence with DCR and with representatives of covid-testing-site at Jackson Square and with DCR; more lighting needed in the evenings, especially where testing site lines overflow into the pathways.... |
21/5/2021General - Repairs, Correspondence, Etc. | Lights have been repaired/replaced along the Corridor from Dartmouth to Mass Ave.... |

KEY: Priority codes are based on three criteria:

IMPACT: Does this issue affect park safety and/or usability of park features? 3 is highest priority.
DOMAIN: Is this issue within the domain of park staff, park volunteers and/or public safety partners? 3 represents issues that are defintely in the domain of park staff, volunteers or public safety partners, while 1 or 2 represents issues that are multi-faceted, requiring a citywide or statewide solution or other solutions not within our control.
PLAN: Is there an agreed-upon approach or an agreed-upon plan to address this issue? 3 represents issues that have a clear, agreed-upon plan or approach, including projects that have been agreed on or that are routine maintenance.